Webdesign: My World

There is an interesting perception by a lot of people now a days when it comes to making a living using a computer.

Some think you're a crazy spammer. Others think you do IT work. Yet others think you're some kind of a ninja coder.

Truth is, I am neither of those. I am a web developer. More specifically, I am a graphic designer. I work a lot with photoshop, and although I do SOME coding, I am no coding ninja. I simply don't have the mathematical brain for that.

I am more artsy. I come up with cool website designs, banners, ebook covers, and all kinds of other web marketing material.

Having said that, I am also not a marketing dude. I am simply Bradley - also known as Krištolas - and do graphic design for a living. Photoshop (ever heard of it?) is my world!